Corporate Governance Documents

Exelixis’ Board of Directors is committed to sound principles of corporate governance, and has adopted guidelines and other policies in order to define corporate governance at Exelixis, promote the interests of Exelixis’ stockholders and establish common expectations as to how Exelixis’ business is conducted.

Committees of Our Board of Directors

Exelixis’ Board of Directors currently has and appoints members to four active committees, an Audit Committee, a Compensation Committee, a Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee and a Research and Development Committee. Membership of the committees is set forth here.

Corporate Governance Documents

Stockholder Communications with the Board of Directors

Stockholders may send communications to the Board of Directors by mail at 210 East Grand Avenue, South San Francisco, California 94080, by facsimile at (650) 837-7951 or by e-mail at, each of the foregoing sent “Attn: Board of Directors."